Joyshoetique Policy

About Joyshoetique VIP

Joyshoetique VIP is a rewards program for our users to redeem rewards, get access to events & pop-ups, double points, receive member exclusive promotions and the latest fashion news and there is no fee for Joyshoetique VIP. Once you've joined our VIP program, you can upgrade and earn rewards with every purchase you make.

A purchase from is necessary to become a member of Joyshoetique Vip and each account is unique regardless of the number of cardholders and authorized users every purchase will be accounted to your account but exclude refunds /cancellation /rejection on your orders.

Joyshoetique reserves the right to disqualify Members who have violated any of the Terms and Conditions. Any fraudulent activity or attempt to manipulate or abuse the Program will result in the account being removed from the Program without notice. When a Membership is terminated, all outstanding coupons and outstanding rewards associated with the Membership are forfeited.

Joyshoetique VIP consists of four statuses: Level V0, LevelV1, Level V2, and Level V3. Level V1, V2, and V3 are available for purchase users, Level V0 is available for registered users.

Each tier is valid for 8 months from the date the Joyshoetique VIP member qualifies. After that, identity validation is required every day. Please note that the tier level of your membership is based on the times of eligible purchases or the amount of eligible spending during the past 6 months which is 60 days before the refresh date every day.
Valid purchase or the amount of valid spending during the past 6 months which is 60 days before the refresh date every month.

1 order(s) or over US$ 0.01 are required to earn V1
2 orders or over US$100 are required to earn V2
3 orders or over US$150 are required to earn V3

The reward for each tire

Reward V1 V2 V3
Exclusive Icon
Level-up Coupon
Free Shipping Card
Double Points
VIP Service
Speedy Return

Details and terms of any Offers as set out on the program website are valid for your effective membership period

We will notify via email, app push and other channels about marketing with your permission, as well as show all changes on this page. Unsubscribing will cause you to not receive our message in time and you will not receive any compensation from Joyshoetique in the event of modification or suspension of the Program. Please note that Joyshoetique may continue to send you emails like changes or information about your account and Joyshoetique VIP membership.